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HBM Calibration for Somat eDAQ and eDAQlite

Service and calibrate eDAQ and Smart modules locally at an HBM office fully traceable to ISO 10012.

Have the confidence that your data acquisition will continue to perform at an optimal level when being used in a working environment. Here at HBM we recommend that you have your test equipment calibrated on a yearly basis.

Without properly calibrated instruments, the reliability & accuracy of data gathered is highly suspect, and a valid calibration of your amplifier is a prerequisite for certification in compliance with ISO 10012 requirements.

If you don’t require a full calibration service then we also offer a verification to show that the particular board is still within manufacturers specification.

Pre-booking your service and calibration will ensure our fastest possible turnaround, minimizing the time you are without the instrumentation.

If your data acquisition is received out of tolerance, it’s possible it can be shipped back to you within tolerance!

Last Time Buy

Please note: Due to the huge success of our eDAQ product series in the last months, we have decided to extend the lifetime of the main components until further notice. This extended selling period allows you to fulfil your requirements for the next few years and continue testing with your equipment. Click here for more details.

Furthermore, we will continue to support you as we have done in the past years.

  • Calibration and technical support are offered at least until December 2030
  • Repair services and accessories will be offered based on availability of parts but at least until December 2025 – and possibly even 5 years longer

If you are not an existing eDAQ user, we recommend that you check out SomatXR, our new modular ruggedized DAQ series.