Separating wheat from the chaff - quality control using HBM weighing technology

Cereal and grains are grown worldwide, traded on commodities markets and transported in complex logistics chains to the manufacturing sector. Apart from the quantity, it is primarily the quality of the raw material that decides the price that can be obtained.

An important link in the logistics chain is the use of the whole grain analysis instruments made by the analysis specialists, Bruins Instruments, based in Puchheim near Munich. The moisture, protein, starch and fat content of the cereal are quickly and reliably determined by spectroscopic examination of a sample.

This equipment technology is now enhanced by one important feature. It is possible to determine the infestation and the proportion of defective grains from the specific weight of the sample (the hectoliter weight). To do this, a defined sample volume is precisely measured in the shortest possible time.

The compact PW4 single-point load cell allows simple yet metrologically precise, reliable scale measurements to be set up. The AD104 digital transducer electronics amplify the measurement signals of the load cell and condition them digitally. The AD104 software provides extensive scale functions and dynamic filter algorithms. Conditioned accordingly, the weighing data is digitally communicated to the analysis instruments.

HBM components are perfectly tailored to one another and offer optimum assistance to rational production, final inspection and online service routines. This helps the user achieve the shortest possible time to reach market.

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