Checking rotary switches correctly: With immediate results for optimal production control

Switches and locking systems play a key role in high technology products. They are easy to operate and therefore ensure secure handling of complex products.

For this reason, the quality of switches must not be left to chance. 100% function checks at the end of production, where the force/displacement or torque/angle of rotation curves are recorded when the switch is toggled, ensure the highest possible security.

Certain special features must be noted, especially when checking rotary switches. Two types of information are pooled simultaneously during the process and quality monitoring of this switch type.

  • The toggling of the switch itself ("switch event")
  • The typical switching curve (torque/angle of rotation switch characteristic curve) which is recorded highly dynamically using a contactless operating torque transducer with an integrated angle of rotation measuring system

HBM offers all necessary components in the measurement chain from one source for the secure testing of rotary switches. These include the torque transducer T20WN, which is particularly suitable for the industrial environment thanks to its technical characteristics, and the MP85A EASYswitch, the industrial process controller designed specially for reliable switch checking.

Recording torque and angle of rotation with T20WN

The torque transducer T20WN, which has rated torques of 0.1 - 200 Nm, delivers an analog output signal 0 - 10 V of the torque with high bandwidth - and is therefore ideal for use in production as this output signal can be processed by all current analysis electronics.

T20WN also operates without wear and is therefore maintenance-free: The supply voltage is transferred without contact to the rotor of the transducer. The return transfer of the torque value to the stator is as an analog voltage signal.

The simple installation into the production line is another plus point for the use of T20WN for checking rotary switches. The integration of the transducer into the test configuration occurs via simple bellows couplings, which are also available from HBM as accessories. The connection box VK20 provides the correct electrical connections.

The integrated speed measuring system in T20WN delivers 360 pulses per revolution on two tracks offset by 90°. After the edge detection, this means that 1440 pulses are available.

Immediate results during switch checking ensures optimal production control

The industrial process controller MP85A EASYswitch takes over the analysis of the process parameters acquired by the T20WN. EASYswitch works here with the principle of "intelligent data reduction". This means that up to 4000 value pairs can be used for evaluation and analysis.

On, off, on, off: Result curve of a switch test with EASYswitch. Tolerance window checks the critical sections when the switch is toggled.

A measurement sequence evaluates up to 5 switching events; these switching events are also shown on the torque/angle of rotation curve and checked for their position and switching direction with a tolerance window. As soon as all partial events are present, EASYswitch then displays the overall result of the switch test on the operating unit and sends the data via Ethernet to the data server.

The interaction of T20WN and MP85A EASYswitch means that you immediately obtain clear "OK/not OK" statements on the quality of the switching systems. These rapid results therefore support you in the optimal control of your production and in the minimization of downtimes. Warning levels monitor the production process and thereby enable optimal machine protection.

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