HBM Press Release: Accessories for optical strain gauges

The measurement technology specialist HBM now offers its customers a comprehensive accessory program for their optical strain gauges.

The user can therefore install their fiber-optic measurement chain without any problems. Optical strain gauges (SG), like those in the OptiMet series from HBM, have many advantages compared with conventional SG, for example, their insensitivity to electromagnetic interferences As no electrical signals are required in the actual sensor element, optical SG can also be used under high voltage and in potentially explosive atmospheres. In order to be able to use the optical SG in the application without problems, the user often requires various accessories, which are now also offered by HBM.

In addition to adhesives, materials and tools, the accessory program also includes suitable fiber-optic components for the glass fiber sensors. These include, for instance, patch cables with low damping, also available in a more robust steel-armored version, fiber-optic pigtails, couplers and splitters with which the fiber-optic measurement chains can be branched or extended. HBM therefore offers its customers all sensors and accessory components for fiber-optic strain measurement from one source.

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