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Virtual Fatigue Tests and Virtual Load Tests

With software solutions from HBM nCode you can perform virtual fatigue and load tests already on the CAD models of your components.

That means you can benefit from accurate predictability and simulation data even in the early phases of development . Based on that predictability you can optimize your physical tests and checks on the later prototype. The ideal solution for CAE durability predictions and service life analysis!

"We selected DesignLife because it combines an intuitive interface, the analysis functionality we needed for rotating machinery, as well as the ability to use complex load cases. nCode engineers worked with us during the evaluation process, ensuring that the DesignLife solution meets our needs." Dr. W. Meeusen, Head of Product Technology at Hansen Transmissions

Automotive Industry

  • Fatigue and load analysis of loads in the drive train, driving and handling data as well as lab tests
  • Determining material characteristics and fatigue testing
  • Service life predictions of components made early in the development process

HBM nCode solutions for the automotive industry

Rail Industry

  • Analysis of the fatigue behavior of railway components (wheels, bogies and axles, etc.)
  • Load analysis in the field
  • Service life analysis of components
  • Analysis of the driving characteristics of trains
  • Remote monitoring of tracks

HBM nCode solutions for the rail industry


  • Test data analysis, including analysis of large data quantities
  • Operational Loads Monitoring (OLM) and HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring)
  • Fatigue and load tests on parts and components
  • Service life optimization for existing systems and maintenance plans

HBM nCode solutions for aerospace

Defense and Military Technology

  • Accelerated testing and forecasting based on standard GAM EG13
  • Material tests for service life and vibration testing
  • MilCAN data and other commonly used CAN standards are supported
  • Examination of fatigue effects in military components

HBM nCode solutions for defense and military technology

Energy Supply and Networks

  • Checking and optimizing the design of systems
  • Automation of tests

HBM nCode solutions for energy supply and networks

Wind Energy

  • Operational durability analysis for wind power plants
  • Optimization in the design of wind power plants
  • Predicting fatigue defects in the design of central components of the machine housing (transmission, etc.)
  • Observation of operating characteristics
  • Statistical trends are identified
  • Evaluation of reliability and structural integrity of systems for long-term operation

HBM nCode solutions for wind energy

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Your Advantages

  • Accelerated testing: Test faster and more intelligently by simulating the test first
  • Maximize the benefit you derive from measurement data with fast data analysis and the option of shared data use
  • Make the right decision in engineering and design for optimum product performance
  • Reduce operating costs and prevent unexpected downtimes in your systems.

Virtual Fatigue Testing with HBM


...glyphs for data processing


...file formats supported


GL RC certified software for calculation of the fatigue strength of critical components in wind turbines  (GL RC= Germanischer Lloyd Renewables Certification)

HBM nCode Solutions

nCode GlyphWorks

Powerful data processing system for engineering test data analysis

nCode DesignLife

The world’s leading software tool for CAE fatigue analysis

nCode Automation

A complete environment for automated data storage, analysis and reporting.