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There are many torque and force transducers, yet HBM’s products are unique. The HBM brand guarantees reliable measurement results worldwide. This is not a coincidence as our developers across the world are driven by a strong passion for precision. Furthermore, all processes – ranging from development through production and calibration - are integrated under one roof. This results in competence and a high commitment to quality at all levels.

When it comes to reliable results, technology leaders all over the world accept no compromises when choosing their sensors. They rely on torque and force transducers from HBM – and with good reason. HBM transducers are renowned for custom-made precision as required in specific applications and, if needed, are available in high volumes.

“It’s always very special, when you hold a torque transducer prototype in your hand,” says Markus Haller, Dipl.-Ing. Product Manager for Torque Transducers, “I am always thrilled when I see that transducer produced in high volumes some months later.” Haller notes, “We wanted to make a promise to our customers; precision in series production. We have succeeded.” The transducers provide accurate and meaningful measurement results - even for decades in many applications. Furthermore, all process chains at HBM are integrated – from development through production and assembly. This approach benefits our customers.

Your requirements in view at all times

HBM offers more than just products, it provides solutions. Customers can expect more from HBM transducers: more precision and reliability that is optimally adapted to their requirements.

All this is thanks to a highly motivated and competent team of developers – and some other qualities that make HBM unique:

  • Cutting-edge competence in strain gauge technology: In-house development and production of HBM strain gauges – the core of every transducer. This allows for optimum adaptation of strain gauges to the respective transducer spring elements.
  • HBM established its calibration laboratory, the first calibration laboratory in the German Calibration Service (DKD), today DAkkS, in 1977. HBM’s calibration support is unsurpassed in Germany and Europe. Customers trust in the reliability of the calibration machines – for example, the 240 KN dead load machine, the 5 MN calibration machine for force transducers or the 25 kNm dead load machine for torque.
  • HBM places great emphasis on service. Our experts are happy to advise you when it comes to selecting the right transducer. Whether in application engineering, maintenance or repair – we support you with many available services ensuring that applications are successful.

The driving force


However, there's more to it than these factors. The actual "secret of success" behind our transducers' special quality is our passion for precision. Our developers have been working with passion, knowhow and experience to ensure continuous progress in torque and force measurement technology for decades - encouraged, again and again, by our long-standing customers' feedback.

Kleckers says, ”I often hear that even tricky tasks, for example, measuring very small forces using force transducers with high nominal (rated) force can be accomplished.” HBM supplies the U10M force transducer calibrated for two ranges – 200 N and 16 kN – for field work. Kleckers adds, “Covering this broad range requires high precision during production, particularly regarding thermal properties. At the same time, costs are kept to a minimum. These solutions are impressive and encourage us to develop further.”

HBM presented its first model T1 torque transducer in 1958 – the first force transducer had been launched two years earlier. HBM has been able to score with new innovative advances since then – for example, presenting its T12 digital torque transducer in 2006, which is unequaled in terms of precision to this day.

Striving for innovation is key to our corporate culture. Every new development, every new product brings us closer to a major goal: increasing efficiency for you, our customers – and using state-of-the-art technology to make your measurement projects a success now and in the future. Our latest developments: the T40B and T40FM digital torque transducers with optional, integrated rotational speed measuring system and reference pulse as well as the TIM-EC interface module. The s-shaped S2M force transducer for measuring static and dynamic tensile and compressive forces is a new addition to our range of force transducers.

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Torque transducers from HBM

Torque transducers from HBM

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