High-precision Sensors and High-precision Amplifiers - recommend by HBM's Product Managers

Technologies are changing over time - however, one thing has remained the same at HBM for decades: Our developers' passion for precision. You can trust that all our products provide reliable measurement results you can easily understand - in series.

Should particularly high precision be essential to your products, we have the right solution for you. Our Product Managers would like to present our "top stars" in terms of precision here: Transducers and amplifiers that are unique when it comes to reliability and precision.

Top Transfer: Extremely strong high-precision Force Sensor

Our Top Transfer high-precision force sensor standards meet even the most stringent accuracy requirements. These force sensors by far exceed the requirements of the highest accuracy classes stipulated in international standards (ISO376, Class 00) - accordingly, they often set the international standard for comparison measurements. These sensors are always the first choice when it comes to calibration tasks.

T12 Torque Flange: The number one digital high-precision torque sensor

The T12 digital torque transducer is the worldwide reference in particularly precise torque measurement. For example, almost all automotive manufacturers worldwide trust the T12's digital precision and significance when testing their motors.

The T12 pushes the physical limits of its metrological properties. As a result, it offers excellent accuracy and resolution.

Markus Haller, HBM Product and Application Manager for torque measurement technology

DMP measuring amplifiers: Precision in perfection

HBM's series "DMP" amplifiers have been synonymous with an unprecedented level of precision for decades. In fact, DMP39, DMP40 and - coming soon - the latest model DMP41 are the most precise strain gauge-based amplifiers worldwide.

With an accuracy class of 0.0005 they make full use of physical possibilities thus ensuring maximum precision. National metrology institutes and many manufacturers of sensors and transducers cannot do without the DMP series' accuracy and reliability.

Dr.-Ing. André Schäfer, HBM Product and Application Manager for precision measurement technology

precix load cells … weighing with C6 accuracy

In many weighing technology applications too, the trend is for ever increasing accuracy. Our precix series load cells now are also available with C6 accuracy. This means: You can count on the reliability and efficiency of our strain gauge-based load cells, also in applications where high precision is vital. This is of interest, for example, to completely new concepts for scales, as well as to special shop-counter scales or high-precision checkweighers.

Bernd Knöll, HBM Product and Application Manager for precix.

Candid data sheets: We keep our promises.

Precision in series: This also applies to the accuracy of the values specified in our data sheets. Ideal conditions can often be theoretically attained based on the values given, but our data sheets focus on realistic standard assumptions - such as those likely to be encountered in your application. Therefore, please consider this when comparing our data sheets with those of other manufacturers.

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