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C9C Force Sensors: Miniature force transducers for compressive force measurement

The compact and cost-effective C9C type series force sensors reliably measure compressive force where space is limited. Due to their high fundamental frequency, they are suitable for very fast measurements. Like all strain gauge force sensors, the C9C sensors also allow for static forces to be measured reliably and with long-term stability. They ensure both robustness and high load-bearing capacity due to their welded design from stainless steel.

  • HBM accuracy class: 0.2
  • Capacities: 50N to 50kN

It's your choice: as before, the U9C as a passive sensor, or now new with an in-line amplifier as a measurement chain

The force transducer is also available with a permanently connected in-line amplifier. This variant is calibrated as a measurement chain, i.e. the relationship between Newtons as input quantity and volts (V) or milliamps (mA) as output quantity is documented in the test record or calibration certificate.

Other sensors can also be purchased with an optional integrated amplifier, find out which ones: 

View all available HBK force sensors with amplifier option

Small, dynamic and robust

  • Small diameter and flat design
  • Welded design from stainless steel; EMC-tested
  • High stiffness and small masses, leading to high fundamental frequency

Besides being compact, the sensor is robust, EMC-tested, and delivers reliable results. It is ideal for measuring fast processes.

Immediately ready for use

  • Various practical cable lengths, cable is suitable for drag chains and fuel-resistant
  • If chosen without in-line amplifier: TEDS available and available with a mounted plug for all HBM measuring amplifiers on request

Time-saving plug-and-play sensors ideally suited for industrial environments.

Optionally available with an integrated amplifier

  • Measurement chain instead of sensor: no need to configure the measuring amplifier
  • Includes a test record that directly shows the relationship between the force and the output signal (in V or mA)
  • Simple zero setting using the control input

Fits with the requirements of your existing production or testing infrastructure now and in the future.

C9C with in-line amplifier

Two active versions of the C9C load cell are available: VA1 with a voltage output (0-10 V) and VA2 with a current output (4—20 mA).

The sensor and amplifier properties are matched:


C9C Force Transducer

In-line Amplifier VA1/VA2

Fast measurementsHigh stiffness; hence, well-suited2 kHz bandwidth 
Mechanical shockMaximum shock load, tested as per IEC60068- 2- 6:
1000 m/s2, number: 1000, duration 3 ms
Maximum shock load, tested as per IEC60068- 2- 6:
1000 m/s2, number: 1000, duration 3 ms
VibrationTested as per IEC 60068-2-27, frequency range 5 - 65 Hz,
duration 30 min, acceleration 150 m/s2
Tested as per IEC 60068-2-27, frequency range 5 - 65 Hz,
duration 30 min, acceleration 150 m/s2
Environmental conditionsStainless-steel materials only, IP67 degree of protectionStainless-steel materials only, IP67 degree of protection 
CalibrationN => mV/VN => V, or mA 
AccuracyAccuracy class: 0.2The accuracy class remains unchanged 
Ambient temperaturesNominal (rated) temperature range: -10 to +70 °CNominal (rated) temperature range: -10 to +50 °C 

Extensive range of accessories

  • Thrust pieces
  • Connection cable, M12, 5m, free ends 1-KAB168-5
  • Connection cable, M12, 20m, free ends 1-KAB168-20

You will find more information in the data sheet.

C9C Product Literature

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
C9C - Caractéristiques techniques French
C9C - Data Sheet English
C9C - Datenblatt German
C9C - Prospetto dati Italian
C9C - データシート Japanese
Kräfte sicher messen - Broschüre German
Reliable force measurement - Brochure English
Mounting Instructions
C9C - Mounting instructions French, German, English, Italian
Declaration of Conformity
U9C, C9C - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
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