Highly-sensitive strain transducer with compact dimensions for industrial force monitoring

With the construction of the CST/300 piezoelectric strain sensor, HBM presents a measuring tool that meets the demand in the industrial environment for compact measurement technology with high sensitivity. Force measurement in machines comes with unparalleled precision when force sensors are built in directly in the force flow. However, the machine needs to be adapted to the sensor, which is not always possible.

Strain sensors are a highly proven alternative for this purpose. They utilize measurement object deformations when force is applied, for example in monitoring tasks for building monitoring. These deformations are proportional to the force and can be measured with a strain transducer. Sensors based on strain gauges therefore offer an economic alternative to integrated force sensors in numerous cases. However, they have their limits when it comes to minute strains. For example, in objects that only evidence minor deformations under load, such as presses, welding plants or crimping machines, or when there is very little space available.

HBM lifts these restrictions with the new piezoelectric strain transducer CST/300. The high sensitivity of around 50 pC/N ensures very high output signals and therefore good reproducibility, even in unfavorable measurement environments. The smallest strains of 10 µm/m or less, or nominal strains up to 300 µm/m, can therefore be measured without problems. Conclusions can be made about the acting force without difficulty, as long as suitable calibration is implemented. Fixed in place with a single screw and with a construction length of just 47 mm, it needs very little space and it is resistant to external influences such as cable movements or electromagnetic fields.

HBM has once again proven its innovation strength for its customers in the field of piezoelectrics and the portfolio will continue to be expanded in future.

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