HBM is expanding its line of accessories for piezoelectric force transducers

Piezoelectric transducers are used when there is limited space for measuring equipment or when measurement tasks involve extremely small forces and high dynamics. HBM Test & Measurement has established itself as a reliable partner for industrial applications with its piezoelectric PACEline products, and demand for new HBM solutions is growing steadily.

Now the expanded range of accessories makes it even easier to integrate PACEline products into existing systems. In addition to the mounting aids, summators and cable couplings already available, HBM is now expanding its range of charge cables with cable lengths up to 7 meters. Users can now obtain the entire measuring chain for nearly all application through HBM, including extensive accessories. That saves time and money, because in addition to the usual high HBM quality, the price/performance ratio of these accessories is extremely attractive.

For complete details on piezoelectric components from HBM see www.hbm.com/paceline.

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