High precision strain gauges for rough measuring environments

HBM has developed an encapsulated strain gauge with four stranded connection wires which offers completely new possibilities due to its sturdiness, simple installation and high precision.

High mechanical protection of the strain gauge (SG) is an essential factor for successful measurement in rough environments during structure testing. The expectation here is that neither weather conditions nor  long wire lengths will invalidate the measurement result.

As a solution, HBM Test and Measurement has developed an encapsulated strain gauge with four stranded connection wires. This encapsulation provides optimum protection for the SG (HBM V-series) against impacts and moisture. The construction facilitates simple and rapid installation of the SG without need for elaborate covering. The four 3-meter long stranded connection wires of the SG are particularly suitable for connection to HBM measuring amplifiers with their patented expanded Kreuzer circuit. This circuit ideally compensates for voltage losses due to long wires or temperature effects on the cable, enabling high-precision measurement. Outdoor measurements, e.g. on railway tracks, boats and chimney stacks become significantly easier.

The V-series from HBM with four stranded connection wires is available in two versions, one with a resistance of 120 Ohm and the other with 350 Ohm. They offer the user the greatest possible flexibility during the implementation of structural tests.

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