GEN7tA - Transient Recorder and Data Acquisition System Now Faster Than Ever

From fast to now even faster. GEN7tA has a data transfer rate of 400 MB/s (with optional optical or electrical 10 Gbit Ethernet). This transient recorder and DAQ system is made for your fast measurement tasks with medium to high channel counts.

Designed for installation in control cabinets (19'') GEN7tA is optimized for test bench applications. It offers a rapid transient data acquisition and continuous data transfer of either 100 MB/s (with optional 1 Gbit Ethernet), 400 MB/s (with optional 10 Gbit Ethernet) to an external PC or 350 MB/s to an integrated and optionally removable solid state disk (SSD). The data acquisition system also has seven input card slots with up to 224 individually configurable channels.

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