Contract measurements on machines Contract measurements on machines | HBM

HBM has been performing extensive contract measurements with strain gauges on machines and in plant engineering for years: on moving or bearing machine parts, containers and pipeline systems.

With these measurements, we provide our customers with precise and independent measurement results. We also sit down with our customers to explain the mechanical and thermal effects, thereby contributing to structural optimization of machine and plant components.

These measurements help you to:

  • achieve and observe industrial standards
  • verify FE and fatigue simulations of plant or customer-specific components
  • perform damage analyses
  • conduct measurements on structures during operation, for example in highly sensitive applications in the chemical industry or on one-of-a-kind plants.


When you use HBM contract measurements on machines and in plant engineering, you benefit from reliably predictive measurement results, determined by our experienced service engineers with the latest measuring equipment.

You save the cost of investing in your own measuring instruments and acquire valuable know-how for improving your machines and plants.