HBM’s U9C/C9C Miniature Force Transducers Offer Accuracy Typically Found Only in Larger Sensors

HBM has introduced the U9C and C9C lines of flexible miniature force  transducers. These transducers are highly accurate and come in more than 480 different configurations. They can be used in many different applications, including measuring contact forces in ultrasonic welding, calibration of hardness testing machines, testing Bowden cables, and more.

HBM U9C force transducers measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive force, while C9C force transducers can be used to measure static and dynamic compressive force. Both are available in ten measurement ranges from 50 N to 50 kN. Both the U9C and C9C offer 0.2% accuracy, making them among the most accurate transducers in this size class.

Their small size (26 mm dia.) make the U9C and C9C transducers easier to install than larger sensors, but their 0.2% accuracy allows them to be used in many applications that previously required the use of larger sensors. The transducers are made from stainless steel and are hermetically sealed to protect against dust and water, in order to meet the IP67 standard, so they are ideal for applications outside the lab.

Both the U9C and the C9C can be individually configured to meet many different application requirements. This includes both the cable length and the connector type.

“The C9C and U9C represent a very unique offering in the market,” explained Thomas Kleckers, HBM product marketing manager.  “The small size of the C9C and U9C, combined with their accuracy, ruggedness, and configurability, combine to make a very compelling offering to customers.”

The connectors can be equipped with a TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) chip that stores the sensor data, such as the mode and serial number, calibration data and user settings. When used with a data acquisition system that can read the information stored on this chip, this feature makes test setup times much shorter and reduces the chance for human error.

Visit the U9C product page and the C9C product page for more information on each force transducer.

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