Precise and economical measurement of compressive forces in rough environments

The new SG-based compressive force transducer C10 from HBM enables highly accurate measurements insensitive to external influences due to the radial-symmetrical design. The transducer is available, dependent on the nominal force, with accuracy classes of 0.03 to 0.06.

The compensation of eccentric force applications and other parasitic influences increases the reliability of the measurement. Despite the high output signal of up to 4 mV/V, the transducer remains insensitive to temperature effects because of the very low temperature coefficients of the zero point (TC0) of 75 ppm/10 K. The hermetic protection of the strain gauges in the measuring body and the use of stainless steel or aluminum allows deployment even under unfavorable ambient conditions. The steel version offers IP68 due to the hermetically welded enclosure.

The C10 is available with various nominal forces from 2.5 kN to 1 MN, and can be freely configured according to the application with numerous options. For example, versions with TEDS and increased protection class IP68 are available, as are various calibration ranges and connector variants.

This means that the integration of the C10 is easily realizable in test benches, test areas and demanding production thanks to the low installation height and the numerous mounting options.

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