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PMX - Use of a piezoelectric sensor

These tips for use describe how to connect a piezoelectric sensor to a PMX system and a charge amplifier (type CMA/ CMD) and how to put it into operation.

Required equipment

The following equipment is required for implementing the example:

  • PMX system (with measuring cards: PX401 and PX878)
  • Charge amplifier (in this case: CMA1400)
  • 1-KAB168 connection cable (for connecting the charge amplifier to the PMX)
  • Piezoelectric sensor
  • 1-KAB143 connection cable (sensor connection cable)


Connecting the cable to the charge amplifier and the PMX requires that the wires of the 1-KAB163 connection cable are combined in two plugs; one of these is connected to the PX401, the other one to the PX878. The pin assignment is as follows:

1 - KAB168 pin assignment

Pin assignment

Note: As shown above, the blue wire of the connection cable is not connected.

Cabling with PMX

1-KAB143 cable is used to connect the piezoelectric sensor to the charge amplifier. The latter is connected to the PX401 (plug 1) and PX878 (plug 2) measuring cards via the 1-KAB163 cable using the two plugs assembled as described above. The sensor can be put into operation after having been correctly configured

Configuring sensor and charge amplifier

Characteristic values of the components used in the example

Settings in the PMX

The following overview shows the settings that are made on the PX401 measuring card.

Charge amplifier reset

In Digital Outputs (Menu/Settings/Digital Outputs), Flag 1 of the Computed Channels is allocated to Digital Output 1; Flag 1 sets the trigger pulse, as described below.

Create a new "Trigger Pulse" function in the Computed Channels menu. Exceeding of the selected threshold value is defined as the condition and the result is stored in Flag 1 (which, as described above, in allocated to Digital Output 1).


These examples are for illustrative purposes only. They cannot be used as the basis for any warranty or liability claims