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Configuration demo for PMX and read/write consistent data via ProfiNet to Siemens PLC S7 - 315 - 2 PN/DP

This short example considers a simple configuration demo for the PMX amplifier connected to a Siemens PLC type S7-315-2 PN/DP.


The PMX is equipped with ProfiNet interface PX01PN (Slot 0) and measuring boards PX878 slot1, PX455 slot 2 (strain gauge sensors e.g. force) and PX401 slot3 (analog signals +/-10V or +/-20mA).


Use RJ45 cable to connect the S7-315-2 ProfiNet interface to the PMX ProfiNet interface board PX01PN slot0. Power on both devices.

Program start

Start Simatic-manager/TiA-portal and open the demo project (DemoKoff), transfer it to the PLC and start it.

Start STEP7 SIMATIC Manager.

Select "Edit Ethernet Node“ from the PLC menu. This results in the following overview:

Click "Browse" in the "Ethernet node" section. This opens a window where network devices found are displayed (this may take some time). Diverse devices can be displayed.

In this case, the S7 unit with MAC address 00-1B-1B-16-DD-47 is selected (address can be found on the device). Then an IP address has to be assigned to the PMX in the "Set IP configuration" section. The following addresses are used:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Click the "Assign IP Configuration“ button.

Close the dialog.

In the next window double-click "Hardware".

This opens the "Hardware Configuration" window.

Click Profinet IO\Additional Field Devices\I/O\PMX" to select the suitable PMX system from the right-hand menu tree (note: 2 files are available in this case). Only by opening the sub menu the correct PMX system can be selected. This can be determined through the measuring cards available.

Right-click on the field highlighted orange to open the menu where you can add the suitable PMX by clicking "Insert Object" (alternatively: "Insert" from menu).

Click "Additional Field Devices" to select and add the suitable PMX.

To add the measuring cards to the different slots, drag one of the measuring cards from the menu tree on the right-hand side to one of the slots highlighted green on the left-hand side (see example: PX878 measuring card).

In our example we get the following view:

Right-click on one of the channels to open the "Monitor/Modify" dialog.

Check the "Monitor" box to display a binary status value.

Double-click the PMX system to check the Properties

Calculated Channels can be added analogously to adding measuring cards. They start from slot 9.

Make sure that the number of Calculated Channels corresponds to that in the PMX web browser (in this case: 8). The other properties can be checked via Property.

Click "Download to Module“ to start.


The example given is intended to illustrate the integration of PMX with Siemens PLC using Siemens Siematic Manager or TiA-Portal. This example does not imply any warranty orguarantee.