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New sensor concepts allow manufacturers of checkweighers to open up new market segments

HBM presents the latest generation of load cells for dynamic weighing: individual solutions, even for special challenges

Innovative sensor concepts based on strain gauge technology make it possible for manufacturers of checkweighers and sorting and packaging machines to develop new, competitive product lines. With considerably more economical component costs, high precision and fast processing speed, the latest generation of load cells has generated created a stir in the market for dynamic weighing.

Load cells based on strain gauge technology (SG) are now available in their latest generation, which offers significant improvements in terms of precision and processing speed. With a price up to 60% cheaper than the sensors based on “electromagnetic measuring force compensation”, frequently used until now, modern SG load cells make it possible to develop completely new machine types and market segments, especially for sorting weighers and checkweighers in the food industry.

The upcoming digital load cellFIT7A from HBM is one member of this new generation. It has already been tested by the first pilot customers and will be introduced on the market in January 2015. With class C4 accuracy (the standard deviation with a maximum capacity of 10 kg is 0.1 g), our new digital load cell, in combination with the corresponding new panel software is able to process at least 120 weighing operations per minute.

It’s also 100% compatible with the previous versions (mechanically and software), that means it will very easy and cheap, to upgrade the performances of “old” machines and systems.

This novelty is just one example of the increased productivity of SG load cells for dynamic weighing applications. "Machine manufacturers for the food industry in particular, often have very special requirements. HBM is therefore offering an entire product range, completely revised and adapted for these markets," explains Henrik Bache Jensen, HBM sales engineer for weighing technology in north European markets.

For example, the PW27, "aseptic" load cell from HBM is suitable for checking filling and batching processes in an environment with the strictest hygienic requirements. Thanks to its special design, the PW27 load cell is easy to clean, which reduces downtimes for filling machines. For especially challenging operating conditions, HBM offers also the PW15AH load cell with the highest possible degree of protection IP68 and IP69K. It is even able to withstand processing by high pressure cleaning.

"The success of a checkweigher always depends on the interaction between the machine design and suitable components,", explains Henrik Bache Jensen. With the very new digital load cell and the latest load cells, and all the range of load cells, HBM is providing a suitable basis for developing the latest generation of checkweighers – while keeping costs and overhead under control.