HBM expands its product line for measuring forces in harsh environments

With three new products featuring degree of protection IP68, HBM is expanding its portfolio of solutions with rugged force transducers for different nominal ranges under harsh measurement conditions.

Numerous applications in harsh environments require powerful force transducers which also feature very high resistance to external influences. HBM Test and Measurement is one of the few providers on the market that recognized the importance of this trend some time ago and now offers hermetically encapsulated transducers based on strain gauges.

In addition to enclosures with laser welded seams, HBM has developed reliable protection for the cable connections to prevent water from penetrating. For example, transducers from the U10M product family are optionally available with integrated cable. That makes this product from HBM the only pancake-style force sensor on the market that achieves the high degree of protection IP68, demonstrated by over 100 hours of tests underwater, while also offering excellent accuracy. Nominal (rated) forces from 1.25 kN to 500 kN can be measured.

The s-shaped price-optimized S9M force transducer achieves the same degree of protection under the same conditions, in an accuracy class of up to 0.02 for nominal (rated) forces between 500 N and 50 kN. This makes measurement results even more reliable.

The C10 compressive force transducer is completely new. It covers very high nominal (rated) forces from 2.5 kN to 1 MN, also with degree of protection IP68. It has a very low construction height, which allows it to adapt to its surroundings even better. With the expanded product line, users can now design their measurement tasks even more flexibly and find the right product segment for every need.

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