Real-time-capable interface card for HBM measurement and control system

HBM Test and Measurement presents an EtherNet/IP-capable interface card for the PMX measurement system, designed to greatly simplify automation tasks with programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Effective immediately, the PMX measuring amplifier system from HBM will be equipped with an interface card (PX01EP) for EtherNet/IP, one of the most commonly used automation protocols in the world for programmable logic controllers. This makes it possible to use PMX in many areas of machine and factory automation as a slave module in EtherNet/IP networks.

Applications range from production control and product testing to machine and system monitoring. Any control unit that works as an EtherNet/IP master can be used for the connection. Data is transferred in real time and time-consistently. Control and regulation tasks are accomplished in fractions of a second.

Due to the high measurement accuracy and long-term stability of PMX, the process quality and number of good parts are significantly higher in comparison to conventional measurement inputs. Extensive diagnostic functions are used to detect tool and machine errors. This supports early servicing and prevents unnecessary repair expenses.

PMX is also able to perform measurement signal conditioning and analysis in real time using the 32 internal computing channels. This massive load relieved from the machine control unit leaves more capacity available for the user. The EtherNet/IP interface card works with real-time capability in the millisecond range. It was developed and tested in strict compliance with the ODVA user organization requirements to provide the user with maximum safety and reliability.

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