Cleaning Agents for Strain Gauge Measuring Points

A clean component surface is a vital prerequisite for successful strain gauge installation. Chemically pure cleaning agents enable the installation area to be prepared, ensuring the surface is free of dirt, grease, or similar contaminants. HBM provides you with two appropriate versions of the RMS cleaning agent, each consisting of a mixture of acetone and isopropanol.

RMS1 cleaning agent for strain gauges

RMS1 is a chemically highly pure, environmental-friendly solvent mixture for cleaning strain gauge installation areas. RMS1 reliably removes all common contaminants.

  • Packaging unit: One liter of RMS1 solvent mixture plus 450 cleaning pads
  • Order no.: 1-RMS1

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RSP120 cleaning agent dispenser

The RSP120 cleaning agent dispenser protects solvents such as RMS1 from contamination that may develop over time. Stock RMS1 solvent in the RSP120 cleaning agent dispenser to protect your solvent from contamination that may develop over time.

The spring mechanism in the cap enables easy and precise dispensing of the cleaning agent.

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RMS1-SPRAY for cleaning strain gauge measuring points

RMS1-SPRAY is an easy-to-use and time-saving cleaning agent for cleaning strain gauge measuring points and measurement objects. RMS1-SPRAY is a mixture of acetone and isopropanol, and the convenient spray can enables easy and reliable application of the cleaning agent while preparing, for instance, measuring points on vertical surfaces or working overhead.

Unlike previous approaches that required filling the solvent into a suitable, clean container from a storage container, the RMS1-SPRAY can be directly applied from the spray can, which offers significant time reduction when preparing the measuring point.

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Cleaning pads

Cellulose pads for cleaning test objects before strain gauge installation

  • Format: 5 cm x 5 cm
  • Packaging unit: 450 pieces per pack
  • Order no.: 1-8402.0026

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