Webinar: Optical Fibre Sensors Unveiled Webinar: Optical Fibre Sensors Unveiled | HBM

Webinar: Optical Fiber Sensors Unveiled – How Your Needs Can Be Fulfilled


Although optical fibers are very small, the revolution they started in the worlds of sensing and measurement was gigantic. Optical fiber based sensors can be found worldwide: be it in airplanes or bridges, in torrid or freezing environments; basically, wherever you can imagine.

In this webinar you will be guided through the fundamental concepts of optical fiber technology and how it can be used for sensing. This will lead us inevitably to cover the subject of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors and common measurement techniques.

We believe that after this webinar you will have no doubts about the advantages your activity may draw from the use of optical fiber based sensing technology.


Filipe Magalhães

Product Launch Manager at HBM FiberSensing


Optical fiber sensors unveiled – How your needs can be fulfilled (pdf)

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