What's new in Perception 6.60?

You too can benefit from high usability thanks to time-saving new functions!
Perception 6.60 offers many new features.

User Definer Mode

The so-called "User Definer Mode" allows the "Definer" to restrict Perception functions or to completely hide functions and sheets.

For example, a user sees functions that cannot be changed (e.g. formulas in the 'Computations' sheet) because read access only has been defined. Of course you can go even further and completely hide an entire sheet.

In addition, all settings can be password protected.

The "Definer"

  • Creates and changes workbenches with the respective restrictions
  • Defines the functions a user may use or see
  • Protects settings with a password

The "User"

  • Uses the workbench with the respective restrictions

The "User Definer Mode" is available with the Perception "Professional" and "Enterprise" versions.

“eDrive“ application

'eDrive' application is a new option provided in Perception for taking measurements on electric inverters and drive systems. Version 6.60 provides the following enhancements:

  • Improved cycle detection for subsequent computations
  • Visualization of cycle detection ("Cycle Source") in the live screen for verification
  • Integrated online help including enhanced connection diagrams
  • New computations in the "Formulas" sheet, for example:
    • Space vector transformation (“Clarke transformation”)
    • Inverse space vector transformation
    • dq0 transformation (“Park transformation”)
  • New live computations, for example:
    • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
    • Fundamental RMS
  • Visualization of torque and rotational speed as live curves
  • Software-based sign reversal of measured rotational speed
  • Live computations, also time-based
  • Angle measurement of the encoders used (similar to T12torque transducer from HBM with reference pulse)
  • New RPC command for making entries to the "Information" sheet
  • eDrive application now available in all Perception languages (English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese [Brazil])

New GEN7tA mainframe

GEN7tA is a new mainframe of the Genesis HighSpeed series and replaces GEN7t.
GEN7tA is the optimal solution for installation in control cabinets (19") and thus for test bench applications that require fast data acquisition - if necessary with up to 200 million measured values per second and channel.

GEN7tA allows transient recording as well as continuous data streaming of 100 MB/s (1 Gbit Ethernet, standard) or 400 MB/s (10 Gbit Ethernet, optional) to an external PC, or 350 MB/s to an optional, removable Solid State Disk (SSD).
Furthermore, the data acquisition system provides three slots for acquisition cards with up to 224 individually configurable channels. 

Update of Perception languages, including manuals

All Perception languages and the respective manuals (English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese [Brazil]) have been updated. All languages are available in the Perception version and can be easily selected. No (further) installation is required.

Further improvements

In the "Formula" sheet (computations), so-called "Regions" can be defined which can be compressed and expanded. This makes many computations significantly easier to handle.

In addition, long variable names can be suppressed in the "Formula" sheet to hide the variable paths. This makes computations significantly easier to read.

Perception Data Acquisition Software

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