The heavyweight in weighing technology: HBM - the original The heavyweight in weighing technology: HBM - the original | HBM

The heavyweight in weighing technology: HBM – the original

HBM weighing technology stands for precision, safety, dependability and quality. For over 60 years, that has been our standard, worldwide. The brand also stands for maximum innovative power and flexible, cost-effective solutions for nearly any customer need. And measurement technology products from HBM continue to set new standards. This is the reason why HBM load cells are used by market competitors as blueprints for their own products or are even counterfeited.

Users recognize genuine HBM load cells by their precise measurement results and great reliability, even under very demanding measuring and operating conditions. But the original is easy to recognize even before that: by the sticker with the hologram. HBM weighing technology also features a wide range of high-quality load cells. That gives users several possible solutions for different measurement tasks with an extremely wide range of specifications. The cells have identical dimensions, which means they can be quickly replaced if requirements change, thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility.

Examples include SP4 single point load cells, the PW15B, the hermetically encapsulated PW15AH and the hermetically encapsulated, easy-to-clean PW25, each prototypical of HBM's strengths. Or the robust and legal-for-trade bending beam load cells – HLC in B1 and B2 with accuracy classes C3, C4 and C6, and the less expensive versions of these insensitive ELC/BLC load cells.

Leaders in innovation for over 60 years

Load cells are in HBM's genes – the company has been helping to shape the market for decades. A host of important innovations and accepted standards in weighing technology originated with HBM. One example of this is the Z6. After nearly four decades on the market, the bending beam load cell is still in demand due to its precision and properties.

HBM's outstanding achievements are further underscored by the PW27, the first aseptic load cell in its class, and FIT®, the first dynamic load cell without oil damping, which features excellent dynamic properties. The company further ensures that the load cells it delivers meet all specifications, even in legal-for-trade weighers, and even at -10 and +40°C.

Main focus on customer competitiveness

Customers want to remain competitive. That brings our attention to the cost of sensors in applications and systems. It is not just the procurement price that matters. Total Cost of Ownership also means reliability, reproducibility and global presence. HBM guarantees that. Plus a competent and focused sales team. That makes HBM the logical choice whenever service and repair represent a special challenge, so that reliable, robust products are especially in demand.

Important innovations, now and in the future

HBM will continue to invest in developing and producing its own strain gauges and new application possibilities. This strategy is justified by consistent success. Single point load cells PW25 and PW27 point the way. Exactly like the brand new FIT7A digital load cell and HLC bending beam load cell in accuracy class C6, made of premium stainless steel. And even the classic Z6 still has many years of reliable service.