Fully digital measuring chain from the load cell through to the software

With the new strain gauge (SG) based FIT7A load cell family and PanelX data acquisition and analysis software, HBM offers a fully digital measuring chain for dynamic weighing processes.

The need for precise and fast load cells offering cost-efficient, comprehensive solutions for dynamic weighing, sorting, filling and batching is rapidly increasing. To meet high demand worldwide, HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) has developed the FIT7A digital load cell family.

The strain gauge based FIT7A load cell has been specially designed for dynamic weighing of packaged goods in checkweighers. Depending on the machine design, over 180 weighings per minute can be made for maximum capacities from 3 to 75 kilograms.  FIT7A features class C4 accuracy and IP66 degree of protection for secure and reliable use in harsh environments.

The hermetically encapsulated FIT5A digital load cell is particularly suited for filling of liquids and bulk materials, for example, into bottles or cans. Both FIT7A and FIT5A convince through high torsional and bending stiffness and offer integrated overload protection. The load cells are available with various digital interfaces and provide four control outputs and two inputs for external process control. Intuitive PanelX software with touch control and analysis and documentation functions complements the digital measuring chain.

The newly available strain gauge based load cells of the FIT7A family are the premier, cost-efficient solution for precise, fast, long-term and reliable dynamic weighing - in a wide range of applications.

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