Optical Weldable Strain Gauge Rosette OR-W: Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based Sensor for Measuring Strain in Different Directions

The Optical Weldable Strain Gauge Rosette OR-W measures strain in three different directions  and was specially developed to be spot welded on steel structures and materials exposed to harsh environments, such as the ones found in construction sites.

The optical rosettes are highly suitable for high strain measurements, experimental stress analysis and materials testing, withstanding adverse ambient conditions.

For the spot welding process the Heller c30 Impulse Welding Device is recommended (not available in the US).


  • Inherent immunity to all electromagnetic effects (EMI, RFI, sparks, etc)
  • Electrical isolation

Safe operation in hazardous environments (e.g. potentially explosive environments, high voltage areas and intense electromagnetic fields)


  • Stainless steel packaging 
  • Outstanding bending capability (6 micron core fiber)

Accurate results during 24/7 operation even on curved surfaces and under harsh environments




  • Based on the measurement of an absolute parameter - the Bragg wavelength - independent of power fluctuations

Self-referenced: high quality measurements with long term stability


  • Easy installation by simple spot welding method

Long service life with a permanent non-degradable attachment to the structure material


Note: The c30 Impulse Welding Device by Heller mentioned in the video is not available for sale in the US.

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