Sensing the future of Denmark

HBM measurement technology supports Danish industry on its course of innovation and growth – with tailor-made solutions and on-site consultation

Innovation has traditionally been the key to success for Danish industry in the world market. Innovation is produced when ideas are exchanged – with continuous optimizing and testing. That's why we at HBM Test and Measurement in Denmark are proud to be part of the great chain of innovation in our country.

Sensors, measuring amplifiers, software and numerous services from HBM help you to develop your products faster, produce them more reliably and generate more success on the market.

Success story #1: Wind of change – how HBM measurement technology is helping the Danish energy industry


Make usage of wind power plants forecastable and cost-efficient


The complete package of optical and electrical sensors, eDrive testing solutions, software and support for a 100% check in structural tests and monitoring of your wind energy plants.

What's involved? 

  • Wind power plants are an important pillar in the energy industry – and also an attractive investment. But investors want to know how long a plant will be in operation.
  • Malfunctions occur frequently during operation. Operators and manufacturers of wind power plants are working on detecting malfunctions intelligently and as early as possible – outside of fixed maintenance intervals.
  • Extracting more power from a plant: How can generators (to name one example) in wind power plants be designed even more efficiently to ensure higher current efficiency?

Here's what HBM Denmark offers:

Sensor + DAQ + software: Altogether that makes a winning complete package for your measurement technology requirements.

Your contact person: Peter Dalum, HBM Sales Engineer in Denmark

"The Danish energy sector is facing enormous challenges. Many companies have already recognized the opportunities today offered by intelligent measurement technology in developing and operating their systems. At HBM we are pleased to be close to the action with our customers in Denmark. Contact us for further details!"

Success story 2: Successful in the mechanical engineering market – thanks to innovative metrological solutions


Developing packaging machines and checkweighers for the markets of the future


Using highly innovative sensor concepts ensures cheaper component prices – and helps machine manufacturers open up completely new market segments

What's involved?

  • Manufacturers of packaging machines and checkweighers work in the sensitive area of the food industry in a world market that is becoming more demanding.
  • Using innovative sensor concepts makes it possible to develop fast and accurate packaging machines at an attractive final price.
  • That opens up entirely new market opportunities for Danish machine manufacturers – worldwide.

What does HBM offer?

Your contact person: Henrik Bache Jensen, HBM Denmark

"Denmark's machine industry is very successful internationally, especially in the food sector. With the latest generation of digital load cells, HBM offers an extraordinarily attractive solution that helps our clients achieve more growth and take advantage of opportunities in the world market. Contact us for further details – we'll find a contact person for you in your area!"

Success story 3: The new online shop for measurement technology in Denmark


Strain gauges are the ideal aid for many different tests.


HBM Denmark offers you direct access to thousands of types of strain gauges through its Online Shop – with fast delivery times and attractive prices.

Your advantages:

  • Choose from more than 1000 different types of strain gauges – and order directly online
  • All accessory parts (adhesives, covering materials) are also available
  • Plus: A wide assortment of force sensors, load cells, torque sensors, amplifiers and many other products – now available for ordering directly online

Your contact person: Lone Nielsen, HBM Denmark:

"HBM offers you an ideal tool for ordering your measurement technology in Denmark quickly and easily with its Online Shop. Choose the right instruments and sensors for you from a large assortment of quality components."

HBM in Denmark

  • Your number one contact for measurement technology in Denmark – with our own sales engineers in your area.
  • Successful association with HBM Nordics: For major and special projects you can tap into a large pool of specialists for measurement technology in Northern Europe.
  • Part of the worldwide HBM brand: The global technology leader for sensors, amplifiers and software.
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