What's New in Perception 7.12?

The new Perception software version 7.12 can be used with entry-level eDrive systems and better addresses special applications like 6-phase motors. It also solves a lot of minor issues for eDrive and other real-time formula database users.

Entry-level eDrive application

The edrive application now also runs with only one or a slower (and thus cheaper) input board. This allows addressing less challenging applications like 3-phase mains or AC-driven motors with the same platform and offers nearly unlimited analysis capabilities.

Result logging with special applications for eDrive

With Perception 7.12, also the results from user defined formulas are available in the MORE METERS section of eDrive and can be logged into an XML file from there. This allows addressing virtually any application that requires custom formulas like 6-phase motors and motor mapping of these without the need to go through post process automation.

New MACROS allow automatic analysis or test sequences

These MACROS enable actions or series of actions to be performed based on keystrokes, automatically on trigger or end of recording. Inside a MACRO you can have loops and even decision like IF…THEN…ELSE. So you might store data and blow a horn using a DIG I/O in one case, or send a push notification to your mobile through the cloud in the other case….based on test results and MACROS.

Various smaller enhancements:

  • New SYSTEM HEALTH overview informs and warns on critical system conditions
  • New MDF4 export format allows data export in an ASAM compliant way
  • New DIG I/O controls allow torque flange shunting from within Perception
  • Dynamic help offers more information in a context sensitive approach
  • More filter options for eDrive

Perception Data Acquisition Software

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