New milestone for force measurements in test shops

Precision, ruggedness and flexibility are the core attributes of the new U10 force transducer from HBM, the measurement technology professionals. These advantages are especially useful for outdoor applications.

The U10 force transducer from measurement technology specialist HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) features impressive precision with a linearity deviation as low as 0.02% in the entire measuring range. This accuracy extends tolerance limits in production processes, thereby increasing profit.

The ruggedness of the transducer – available in different IP ratings up to IP68 – is a great advantage, especially for outdoor applications under adverse weather conditions. For example, the effect of temperature on the zero signal of the transducer with a 200% calibration is reduced to just 0.0075 per cent per 10 K.

4000 configuration possibilities allow for flexible adaptation of the rotation-symmetrical, low-profile U10 force sensor for a wide range of measurement tasks. Typical applications include tensile and compressive force measurements on test benches or material testing machines as well as force monitoring in production.

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