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PAD – The Perfect Connection for Analog Transducers and Load Cells to the Digital World

The PAD digital transducer electronics enables passive sensor types to be digitized based on the plug-and-play principle simply by using an M12-plug, thus allowing a cost-effective transition to the digital world. As an "electronics in a tube", the PAD comes in a compact stainless-steel enclosure and is, thus, ideally protected from liquids and dirt. Furthermore, the PAD offers maximum precision - even in demanding environments (up to IP68/IP69K degree of protection). 

  • Accuracy class: 0.01 with a test report for 6000 d, class III, IIII according to OIML R76
  • Interfaces: RS485 (4-wire, full-duplex) and CANopen

High measurement quality

With a measured value resolution of up to 5,120,000 digits for 2 mV/V and complete measurement signal conditioning with selectable or automatic filters, precision is guaranteed even with interference resulting from strong vibrations. IP68/IP69K degree of protection. Test report for 6000 d, class III, IIII according to OIML R76.

Reliable and stable readings even in harsh environments.

Plug & Play

The PAD can be easily connected to your load cell or other strain gauge sensors using an M12-plug. "Aseptic" applications can be implemented by combining it with PW27, PW29, and PW37 load cells. It can be installed close to the sensor or remotely in a control cabinet, depending on the application.

Universal and ready-to-use at an attractive price-to-performance ratio.

Convenient integration

The PAD transducer electronics can be conveniently integrated into various system environments using the RS485 (4-wire, full-duplex) and CANopen interfaces. The device is started via a PC and using the free PanelX software.

Easy transition to digital weighing technology.

CAD Drawings and CAD Models

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Product literature

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
PAD4001A / 4003A - Caractéristiques techniques French
PAD4001A / 4003A - Data Sheet English
PAD4001A / 4003A - Datenblatt German
PAD4002A - Caractéristiques techniques French
PAD4002A - Data Sheet English
PAD4002A - Datenblatt German
Digital weighing technology solutions - Brochure English
Operating Manuals
PAD4001A/4003A - руководство Russian
PAD4002A - руководство Russian
PAD400xA - Operating Manual English, German, French
Quick Start Guides
PAD400xA - Quick Start Guide English
FIT5A/PW15.../SP4M/PW25/PW37P/PW27A/PAD - Ecolab material resistance Certificate English
PAD - OIML Certificate English
PAD - Parts Certificate English
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable) - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
PAD - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
Device Descriptions
EDS Files

Date: 07/2023  |  Size: 39 KB

WT Release Notes

Description of the AD104C + AD105C (both EOL) /AD105D / FIT5 + FIT7 and PAD firmware releases

Date: 07/2023  |  Size: 121 KB

PAD CAE data for ePLAN Electric P8

Macro-project containing CAE data for ePLAN Electric P8.

Date: 03/2021  |  Version: 1.0  |  Size: 17 MB


Panel software for:

  • WTX Series
  • PAD Digital Transducer Electronics
  • FIT load cells (FIT/4, FIT/5, FIT5A, FIT7A, FIT5X)
  • Digital load cells (PW15iA, PW15AHi, PW20i, C16i, C16i3, LCMC)
  • AD/AED electronics (AD103C, AD104C, AD105C, AD105D)

Download, unzip and install the Tool on a PC with Windows 7/8/10/11 or 12.

Date: 09/2023  |  Version: 2.2.0  |  Size: 26 MB
Related Documents: Release Notes

PanelX - Bedienungsanleitung

Enthält Hilfen zur Parametrierung und Darstellung/ Speicherung der Messungen der Elektronik über die Software PanelX, sowie die Programmierung über den 3-Zeichen Befehlssatz (API) und Applikationsbeispiele für wägetechnische Anwendungen (Füllen, Dosieren, Kontrollverwiegung).

 |  Size: 4 MB

PanelX - User Manual

Contains help for parameterization and display/storage of the electronics measurements via the PanelX software, as well as programming via the 3-character command set (API) and application examples for weighing applications (filling, dosing, check weighing).

Date: 10/2022  |  Size: 4 MB

PanelX - 用户手册

包含通过 PanelX 软件进行参数化和显示/存储电子测量值的帮助,以及通过 3 字符命令集 (API) 和称重应用程序(填充、计量、检重)的应用示例进行编程。

Date: 10/2022  |  Size: 4 MB

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