EP150 Stick-on: a convenient and time-saving option

A hot-curing, one-component epoxy resin adhesive is used with EP150 Stick-on. It has been pre-coated on the strain gauge carrier. The application temperature range is -70 °C to +150 °C with both zero-point related measurements (static) and non zero-point related measurements (dynamic). It is available as an option for most strain gauges for transducer manufacturers.


Easy handling

After preparing the surface of the transducer, the rest is simple:

  • Position the strain gauge
  • Fix the strain gauge with a piece of tape
  • Clamping and curing according to instruction manual

Your benefits

  • The adhesive is dry, thus facilitating easy handling and positioning of the strain gauge
  • The layer of adhesive is very thin and evenly distributed over the surface of the strain gauge
  • Long shelf life of 1 year
  • Saves one working step: application of an adhesive
  • No post-curing needed

Documents & Downloads

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Declaration of Conformity
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