KDB/2MN: EN12390-Compliant Special Force Transducer for Materials Testing

The KDB special force transducer has been designed to comply with the requirements of EN 12390. This standard describes the procedure for verifying testing machines for building materials. In accordance with the standard, two hardened plates for load application are included in the force sensor’s scope of supply. Centering pins facilitate assembly.

Four independent strain gauge full bridges enable bending moments to be measured alongside the total force.

In case of centered load application, the force sensor can be used up to 3 MN. HBM offers a spherical load application element and a thrust piece for this application. This enables the KDB to be used as a reference transducer compliant with Class 0.5 requirements of ISO376.


  • Complies with the requirements of the EN12390 standard
  • Scope of supply includes the required hardened plates
  • Can be used as a Class 0.5 reference force transducer according to ISO376

Standard-compliant and reliable testing of building material testing machines. Additionally, the KDB can also be used as a reference transducer (the required accessories are available).

Well-thought-through accessories

  • Inclusive of the hardened plates and carrying handles required for testing by the standards
  • Optional:
    • Summing unit for connecting an amplifier channel
    • Load application elements for use up to 3 MN
    • Transport case
    • Configurable cables, on request with mounted connectors

Practice-oriented application with matching accessories, backed by decades of experience in the application.

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