Solutions for Aerospace testing

HBM offers leading measurement technology for structural and functional tests in aerospace as well as aircraft electric system testing. 

Flexible Solutions for Aircraft Structural Testing
Before the aircraft takes off for the first time, it is tested in the stand. HBM offers scalable measurement solutions from sensor to software.
Wind Tunnel Testing
Precise HBM measurement technology, like sensors, instruments (DAQ) and software for best repeatability and long-term reliability in wind tunnel testing
Aircraft Electric System Testing
One universal DAQ system for the electrical, mechanical and efficiency testing of all components of the aircraft electric system testing.
Shock, Vibration and Impact Testing
Genesis High Speed DAQ system provides absolute data security, plus an extremely high sample rate of up to 100 MS/s for shock, vibration and impact tests.
Complete Package for Dynamic Material Tests
The HSM1C840 and HSM1C1640 packages are perfect for measuring dynamic mechanical quantities. Connect up to 16 strain gauges or other sensors.

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