New Multicomponent Sensor Allows for 3D Measurement of Force and Torque

May 2016. HBM’s new MCS10 multicomponent sensor enables multiple forces and torques along three axes to be simultaneously measured while featuring a compact design. MCS provides you with three-dimensional information on loads.

This type of data is needed in diverse applications such as robotics, test bench design or assembly lines. The new MCS10 multicomponent sensor minimizes crosstalk across the axes and offers many configuration options to ensure easy integration combined with high precision. With this standardized multi-axis sensor, HBM offers a dependable solution providing all the advantages of series production such as shorter delivery times and technical parameters assured by thorough testing.

Besides three-component sensors for measuring force along three axes the product range comprises a six-component sensor version for additional acquisition of torques in the x, y and z direction. The configurable MCS10 standard sensor opens up many options for application-specific adaptation.

The crosstalk effects usually occurring with multicomponent sensors have been minimized with MCS10 thanks to its optimized design. HBM amplifiers with math channels (e.g. PMX) further reduce these effects. They allow for compensation through real time computation of the crosstalk matrix included in the scope of delivery.

Users therefore benefit from dependable test results across the entire measurement chain. Integrated TEDS functionality (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) combined with HBM measurement electronics ensures ease of use.

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