Precise Torque Transducer for Measurement of Extremely High Torque

June 2016. With its new precise T40FH torque transducer HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) addresses high measuring ranges up to  300 kN·m. Users can choose between nominal (rated) torques of 100 kN·m, 125 kN·m, 150 kN·m, 200 kN·m, 250 kN·m and 300 kN·m.

T40FH is built for high precision, featuring a 0.1% accuracy class, as well as a compact design and high torsional stiffness that allows for dynamic measurements to be taken. Two versions are available: one for rotating and another one for non-rotating use, depending on requirements.

Typical examples for rotating use include power, function, and optimization test rigs involving high torque such as testing of high-capacity pumps in the off-shore industry or testing of ships' engines. The torque sensor for non-rotating applications is particularly well suited to calibration tasks.

The rotating version’s design without bearings or slip rings and the T40FH’s optional magnetic rotational speed measuring system result in cost savings, since no maintenance is required.