Precise Measurement Module for Force, Torque, and Pressure

June 2016. When your test and measurement analyses of force, torque, and pressure in modern testing and calibration machines require high precision and reliability, the measurement chain from HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) is the right solution for you. This includes the QuantumX MX430B measurement module, precise sensors and a suitable software solution.

The MX430B measurement module provides four inputs for accurate measurement of full bridge strain gauge based sensors such as uniaxial and multiaxial force sensors. Due to the use of carrier frequency, it withstands electromagnetic interference as well as the effects of temperature variations, offering maximum reliability. Flexible parameterization options enable every channel to be operated in DC mode. This allows for dynamic system analysis at full bandwidth. Patented background calibration increases long-term stability.

Ethernet enables measured values to be retrieved from the PC and scaled. The amplifier computes the values in real time for direct output as an analog voltage. Additional modules allow for integration with field buses such as EtherCAT or CAN bus. HBM’s catman software provides versatile functions for measurement data analysis or reporting.

MX430B is particularly well suited to precise test rig applications. Examples include aerodynamic analyses in the wind tunnel, determination of the center of gravity of rockets, engine thrust analysis and system tests. The module weighs only 1 kg and is compact and portable. Therefore it is the ideal solution for servicing in machine and sensor calibration.