New Mediseal multi-track weighing module for 100% checks with digital HBM measurement chain enables a future-proof, ultra-compact design.

Mediseal, in close cooperation with weighing technology specialist HBM, has a new weighing module ready to launch onto the market, for 100% single-stick weighing in packaging machinery. The core element of the weighing module consists of HBM components, comprising a single-point SG load cell and transducer electronics. The module is employed in Mediseal systems from the LA600 SP series, and in existing systems.

The digital HBM measurement chain enables an ultra-compact design, which has brought about significant optimizations in cost, size, shape and usability. "During the development phase, in particular, HBM's PanelX software made all the difference, because it was only with the extensive real-time analysis function that we were able to achieve the desired performance features of this new weighing module," explains Martin Krause from Mediseal's Development department.

End customers gain major advantages from 100% checks of each stick by the multi-track checkweigher. As well as dispensing with manual discharge and the weighing of samples, time-consuming quality control is also considerably reduced. Furthermore, the weighing module opens up new opportunities for the predictive monitoring of system performance, enabling an early reaction to error trends.

Both cooperative partners are extremely pleased with their successful collaboration. HBM Product Manager Marcel Richter says: "With the aid of the complete package from HBM, Mediseal succeeded not only in building the first SG-based multi-track application in the most confined space – we now also have a future-proof solution." With this module, customers are able to comply with the EU serialization requirements for prescription-only drugs (Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161).

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