All You Need to Know About catman Data Acquisition Software

catman data acquisition software is easy to use. To learn how easy it is, watch our useful video tutorials, read our tech notes and start your measurement straightaway.

New Video Tutorial & Tech Note


catman WebServer

catman WebServer allows you to access your test & measurement job remotely. This video tutorial shows you how to set it up and how to operate it.


Field: lab and mobile testing

Version: from version 5.0

More info: TECH NOTE available

Length: 01:29 min

Tech Note: Remote Access to Your Ongoing Measurements via Web Browser

In this digital age everything should be possible: Remote access to your test lab and/or PC and data recorder in your lab, test bench, a vehicle or an infrastructure monitoring station. Set up catman WebServer and benefit from: 

  • Access any time from anywhere and any device type (Linux, Android, iOs, etc.)
  • Faster response and reaction in delivering results to increase productivity
  • Comprehensive perceivability and control over your running test
  • Quickly check operation and current status to troubleshoot any issues
  • Downloading data files for local or server-based data analytics
  • Allow collaboration and education from the distance

Video Tutorials

Watch how easily you can acquire road load data with catman and use many useful functions, like visualization of GPS data in map extracts and online calculations such as rainflow analysis. 

Road Load Data Acquisition with QuantumX and catman
Signal Monitoring of Frequency and Amplitude
Online Calculations: Rainflow Analysis

Tech Notes Mobile Data Acquisition (pdf)

The QuantumX Data Recorder CX22-W

This TECH NOTE describes typical application examples of stand-alone data recording using the CX22-W QuantumX data recorder based on catman Easy software and provides tips and hints for optimal parameterization.

QuantumX and SAE J1939 CAN bus

This Tech Note describes how to acquire SAE J1939 CAN signals with QuantumX MX840A or MX471 and the PC software catmanEasy from HBM.

3rd Party Device Integration into catmanAP or QuantumX Data Recorder CX22-W

This Tech Note describes how to integrate a non HBM product / 3rd party device over RS232 into catmanAP and is based on an example using the scripting engine “EasyScript” which is part of the catmanAP package or the Data Recorder CX22 or CX22-W.

Very slow sample rates in catman

The Tech Note describes how to handle very slow sample rates in catman (<1Hz). This is necessary e.g. in monitoring applications.

Integration of Video Signals in catman Easy / AP

This Tech Note describes the related workflow from the configuration of the video cameras to the post processing of the recorded measurement and video data.

catmanAP offline parameterization using Excel Import

This Tech Note describes the workflow to configure the channels of a DAQ system consisting of HBM Quantum X amplifiers and the data acquisition software catman©Easy / AP by using external sensor databases.

catmanAP script based transmitting of CAN messages

This Tech Note describes how to send CAN signals via the embedded script functionality of catmanAP.

General Tech Notes (pdf)

QuantumX channel Auto Calibration Routine

This TECH NOTE shows in principle the Auto Calibration Routine of analog inputs and how to optimize it.

QuantumX / catmanAP System Diagnosis

This TECH NOTE describes how to get some system information and log files when working with QuantumX and QuantumX Assistant or catmanEASY / AP.

Signal Monitoring of Frequency and Amplitude for Triggering

This TECH NOTE how to monitor a signals frequency and amplitude by demoing a stimulated frequency sweep to a certain input of your Test & Measurement setup.

Tech Notes Lab Test (pdf)

QuantumX using Digital Output on Input Channel

This TECH NOTE describes how to use the digital output on QuantumX amplifier MX840, MX440, MX410 or MX460. The amplifiers above offer on pin 15 of the SubHD-15 connector a digital output which can be activated by the PC software level.

QuantumX / catmanAP and Multi IO Module

This Tech Note describes how to parameterize QuantumX digital inputs and outputs of MX879 in catmanAP.

Noise analysis with QuantumX and catman®AP from HBM

This TECH NOTE basically deals with the acquisition and analysis of acoustic signals by means of a measuring microphone, QuantumX measurement electronics, an MX410B amplifier, and catman®AP software.

Digital output signal with catman sequencer and QX MX879

The Tech Note describes how to generate a predefined digital output signal on QuantumX MX879 using Catman-Sequencer.

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