Mounting Accessories for Piezoelectric Sensors Mounting Accessories for Piezoelectric Sensors | HBM

PACEline Accessories For Piezoelectric Measurement Chains

Cables, mounting accessories and summing boxes: You are on the safe side with our range of accessories for  piezoelectric sensors of our PACEline series.

Each components is well thought through and serves one purpose: To support you in quickly and reliably setting up an operational and reliable piezoelectric measurement chain.

These mounting accessories help you to precisely and reliably install the extremely small piezoelectric force washers of the PACEline CFW series:

  • Made from stainless steel materials
  • We have designed the bolt pitch to meet the typical requirements of the application.

  • For connecting multiple sensors to an amplifier input
  • Galvanic separation of housing and cable shield: You do not need additional insulating washers for mounting


Coupling CCO


Adapter piece




Connector socket


PUR connection cable

HBM PACEline cables are extremely low-noise and thus an excellent choice when reliable measurement results are required.

  • Cable with BNC connectors or 10-32 Microdot.
  • Robust version (KAB145) for harsh environments
  • Coupling (CCO for cable extension) available

Accessories for charge amplifier:

  • Adapter piece for transition from BNC plug to UNF10-32 external thread, for connecting piezoelectric sensors to the CMD charge amplifier.
  • Coaxial-cable for connection of a piezoelectric transducer to a charge amplifier. Connector 10-32 UNF and BNC.
    Length: 1m, 2m, 3m
  • M12x1 connector socket with straight cable outlet.
  • PUR connection cable with M12 socket, 8-pole, free ends on other side.
    Length: 5m, 20m