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Genesis HighSpeed Calibration: Health Check For Your Data Acquisition System

Calibrating your Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition system on a regular yearly basis will ensure the quality of your measurement results in the long term. But that's not all: Using HBM's calibration services for Genesis HighSpeed includes a complete and complimentary system health check. We are also taking care of making sure that your firmware is in line with the latest working standards.

  • Fast and competent calibration service: Send your devices to our own calibration labs in Germany, France, US or China
  • Free system health check included


  • Professional system calibration of your Genesis HighSpeed system according to latest working standards
  • Reliable ok/ not ok evaluation of your measured data
  • If your instrument is out of specification, we will detect this and can help you to get it repaired and adjusted in the correct way.

Assure the quality of your measured value.

Complete System Health Check

  • Free system health check during calibration
  • Includes firmware updates to the latest versions.

You can trust in a maintained and checked data acquisition system to ensure a long service life.