FS02 BraggMETER: High Speed Optical Tunable Filter

The FS02 - BraggMETER tunable optical filter features a proprietary cavity design without guiding optics resulting in a compact, robust and vibration-resistant device.

It is most suited for integrating high end products or for research and education purposes in Universities and R&D laboratories.

The unique FS02 - BraggMETER tunable optical filter, a long time a proven and reliable component used in HBM FiberSensing top of the class optical interrogators, is now available to others.

  • Typical applications: Fiber swept laser sources; optical sensing equipment; optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems; spectral characterizationtools



  • Typical finesse of 700
  • Side band rejection > 20dB
  • Free Spectral Range (FSR≥80nm)

Wide and fine tuning featuring top resolution and noise to signal ratio.

High Speed

  • Scan frequencies of the full wavelenght range from DC to 40kHz

Suitable for static to dynamic applications.

Low Power

  • Tuning voltage range from -10V to 50V and a typical 14V for the full free spectral range at DC

Controlled power consumption.


  • Proprietary cavity design without guided optics for shock and vibration control
  • Athermal packaging ensuring a controlled behavior to temperature (<1nm/ºC)

Stable operation in demanding environments

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