Figure 1. The PMX Modular Measuring Amplifier System is widely used in industrial production and test bench applications that demand high accuracy because it offers low-noise 24-bit A/D conversion.

In the highly competitive leisure boat market, consistently delivering products that adhere closely to their published specs is critical from both customer satisfaction and manufacturing costs perspectives. One of the most important specs is the boat’s weight; overweight boats eat up horsepower, waste fuel, and compromise performance. It’s also important that the weight be distributed properly to avoid creating structural deficiencies. 

At Brunswick Boat Group’s Advanced Composites organization at Merritt Island, FL, engineers are developing and refining data acquisition and control tools designed to give the workers responsible for spraying fiberglass hulls and other parts the constant feedback they need to avoid adding unnecessary weight to the finished boat, and to ensure each area receives the thickness of fiberglass intended. Sean Minogue, a structural engineer in Sea Ray’s product development and engineering group, has been developing these tools since 2014.



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