HBM celebrates 20th anniversary of its plant in China

  • A pioneer in the industry: Own sensor production facility in China since 1997
  • High quality standards introduced
  • Strong demand for precision test and measuring equipment from HBM in China

It happened in July 1997: HBM Test and Measurement inaugurated its production facility in the former imperial city of Suzhou near Shanghai. Today, the plant is not just a significant pillar in the company's production chain. It is also the nucleus for the systematic development of the Chinese market, in which quality and innovation are increasingly the deciding factors.

By opening its production facility in Suzhou – then a special economic zone – HBM proved to be a pioneer in the industry. This additional facility, joining the production plants in Darmstadt and Marlboro, USA, still in existence today, reflected the company's international focus. The subsequent acquisition of the current plant building in 2003 represented another milestone.

Load cells in high volumes are one example of what is produced in China. Customized OEM sensors have also achieved major market success.

Over the last 20 years, around 700 employees have been committed to consistent compliance with the quality promise of the HBM brand.

ISO-9001 certification and in-house quality tests far beyond the market standard are an important foundation for this promise.

The plant has also acted as a major sales site ever since it was founded. As the country evolves into a world-leading high-tech center, high-quality test and measuring equipment from HBM is also in very high demand from Chinese technology companies. HBM data loggers record important measurement data for the internationally renowned Chinese high-speed trains, for example. Further fields of application are aviation and aerospace projects, the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and civil engineering in the country.

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