The Cost-Effective All-Rounder for Many Nominal (Rated) Torque Values

  • T22 torque transducer for nominal (rated) torque from 0.5 Nm to 1 kNm
  • Particularly cost-effective model
  • Wide range of applications

The T22 torque transducer from HBM Test and Measurement has been available for maximum capacities values of up to 1 kNm, and now also covers smaller capacities of 0.5 Nm, 1 Nm, and 2 Nm for torque measurement. It guarantees maximum flexibility in torque testing applications in the laboratory and in end-of-line test benches as well as in applications that require smaller torque capacities such as tests in medical engineering, bearing test benches, and material and haptic tests.

The T22 is a particularly cost-effective torque transducer that, since it comes with integrated electronics, requires no additional data acquisition system to be used and is maintenance free. Users benefit from minimal time and cost expenditure and integration effort. Due to its compact design, the torque transducer is ideally suited for dynamic and static torque measurement on rotating and non-rotating components.

Further Product Information

T22 Torque Transducer
The T22 torque transducer is the compact and quickly integrable solution for measuring torque of up to 1 kNm in many applications.