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How Safe is your Railway?

Structural monitoring in the railway industry has been under discussion, particularly since the widespread use of high-speed rail lines.

HBM has a wide range of measurement solutions available for rail network monitoring covering:

  • Train wheel out of roundness monitoring 
  • Wheel defect detection
  • Train weight-in-motion determination
  • Axle counting

HBM product range and technologies

cover almost all measurements...

  • Strain for fatigue analysis and mechanical stress identification
  • Forces, mechanical stresses, accelerations 
  • Track component loading during operation

relevant for railways, rail traffic and railroad companies

  • Long-term measurements on rails, railroad switches, ties, tracks, wheels, bogies, axles, rail vehicles, overhead lines, high voltage components...

in many trackside monitoring applications

  • Continuous, stand alone monitoring of train traffic, vehicle loads…
  • Remote monitoring of tracks
  • Estimation of rail stress and monitoring assessment
  • Component test benches

Your Benefits with HBM

Design optimization of crash-safe train structures and bogies 
Prediction of material failure and damage assessment
Prevention of serious derailments and accidents
Reduction of required energy and damage to tracks
Maximum safety during collisions, impacts and crashes


The Best of Two Worlds

“Besides electrical detection systems, numerous research groups have demonstrated the usefulness of the optical fibre technology to monitor railway infrastructures. With their use, one can determine the structural health of the tracks and its evolution with time, while measuring the traffic. And as such, the maintenance operations can be improved, increasing both the safety level and the availability.”

in Review of Trackside Monitoring Solutions: From Strain Gages to Optical Fibre Sensors, Sensors 2015


HBM is also partner of Argos Systems - Wayside Train Monitoring Systems - with proven experience in the Rail Industry for more safety and transparency.