The Targeted Use of HBM Load Cells in Temo Pese Weighing Solutions

Temo Pese has been making industrial scales in Calto (RO) Italy since 1892 and has continued to grow over the years thanks to the company’s passion for its work, which has let it reach and maintain a position of leadership on the mechanical scale market; a position the company consolidated with its electronic weighbridges and other electronic weighing systems. The company’s scales are mainly made of steel or concrete, and it also installs prefabricated weighing platforms in pits.

Innovation, passion, customer relations, professional competence, in-depth knowledge of supply and distribution infrastructures, guaranteed compliance with obligatory and even higher standards: these are the main characteristics of the Italian company from Veneto, focused on continuously innovating and improving its products on the basis of over 120 years of experience in the sector. The fourth generation is currently managing the company and its objective remains the same, to be a reference point in the industrial scale sector, continuing to offer the very best of Italian quality all over the world (in Switzerland, Germany and Slovenia in particular).

Synergies with key suppliers play a major role in Temo Pese's business model. Suppliers have been carefully selected over the years for their capacity and ability to offer not only the components they supply, but also their trustworthy advice, technical assistance and co-design. Alberto Bimbatti, the co-owner of Temo Pese, says:

"One concrete example of such synergy is the highly evolved provisioning service provided by HBM, a leading German multinational in the field of measuring systems. We started working with this supplier in 2016, and have had excellent results in the production of a new line of concrete truck scales, which are not very common in Italy but in full expansion in the foreign market."

TCA concrete truck scale of highest quality

"The TCA concrete truck scale," continues Bimbatti "was designed and developed to provide a solution of the very highest quality, implementing the advantages of traditional steel weighbridges, including the simplicity of transporting and handling, the flexibility of installation and the limited building work required, with a version made entirely out of reinforced concrete. Pairs of HBM C16 load cells (6, 8 or 10 depending on the truck scale model) are installed to provide the best results for the features and performance required, and to meet our specific needs. The technical service provided by HBM's technicians was essential both when choosing the model of load cell to use and when designing the weighing system, as offering the very highest quality represents a prime objective for both partners."

"The C16A column load cells," explains Dario Masato, HBM Italia Sales engineer, "were chosen above all as they’re very strong, precise and reliable, which makes them suitable for any type of application, even the highest level one's, such as Temo truck scale."

The TCA weighing modules are made of vibrated concrete with the following features:

  • brushed, non-slip surface offering the greatest safety for both vehicles and people in transit when the truck scale is wet, covered with snow or ice;
  • treated with EverCreate Vetrofluid. This is a special waterproofing agent for protecting concrete also in negative pressure up to 10 atm (water column 100 m) that makes it extremely resistant to temperature changes, attacks from chlorides, sulphates and de-icing salts, the formation of mold, algae and moss, as well as preventing reinforcement oxidation;
  • low profile bridge (the angle irons are hot dip galvanized), keeps the amount of building work required to install the weighbridge flush with the pit to a minimum;
  • certified anchor bushings both on the weighing platform and on the profile of the module guarantee the greatest safety also when moving the truck scale in the future.

"We've successfully used the C16 cells in other types of scales, such as modular metal truck scale with three 6x3 m modules, assembled in a framework of eight IPE beams with a longitudinal section of 270 mm. The truck scale framework is covered with 1 cm-thick chequered steel plate. The weight of the modules is supported by brackets welded to the base of each module rather than the two coupling bolts, for greater structural strength. There is a trap door above each load cell for servicing and cleaning. The cables run through fairleads in each module to the junction box. The junction box is mounted on a central module bracket to keep it as dry as possible,"

explains Bimbatti. Prefabricated reinforced concrete flush pit-mounted weighbridges are some of Temo Pese’s top products, and the company from Veneto is the only manufacturer of this type in Italy. These weighbridges can be quickly installed with significant savings in terms of building work costs (the pit can be installed in one day and the truck scale installation takes another day) for a safe and efficient weighing system of highest quality.

These prefabricated modules are made of three types of vibrated concrete, which can be combined in a pit wide enough for a 3 m-wide weighbridge of any length:

  • box-section module: two of these modules are used at the ends, where the first pairs of load cells are installed;
  • C module: each of these houses a pair of load cells, and the number depends on the type of truck scale, and as a consequence the number of load cells required;
  • side spacer module: unlike the other two, the length of this module changes depending on the total length of the pit.
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