IMEKO 2017 – Forum for International Metrological Organizations

“IMEKO”, the International Measurement Confederation, is the most important international forum for metrologists and metrological organizations. Scientists from all over the world use this forum to exchange knowledge about the traceability of measured quantities, and aim at ensuring that their National “Standard” corresponds exactly to those of the other countries. The basic objectives of IMEKO are to promote the international exchange of scientific and technical information in the fields of metrology and instrumentation as well as to enhance international cooperation between these scientists and engineers in the industry.

Precision as a commitment

HBM, as a manufacturer of high-precision measurement technology, has contributed to the work of IMEKO since 1973. The forum is an early indicator of future development trends in test and measurement technology and is thus of high importance.

This year’s main IMEKO event took place in Helsinki from May 30 to June 2, 2017. The focus of IMEKO TC3/TC5/TC22 was on the topics of Measurement of Force, Mass and Torque (TC3), Hardness Measurement (TC5), and Dynamic Calibration (TC22). HBM has also been working on these topics within the framework of EURAMET European basic research projects. The event was hosted by VTT MIKES, the Finnish metrology institute. 140 renowned scientists from 23 countries attended this year's conference.

HBM held the following presentations:

Digitization – A great challenge!

HBM also contributed its experience to a round table discussion that was specifically held on the topic of “Digitization”. Digitization is considered the biggest challenge facing metrology today. Therefore, a special discussion on “Digitization, the content of the digital value, is it dependable?” was held. Dr. André Schäfer presented his experience on “Constantly turning digital“ and took part in the panel discussion. He also led a scientific session on “Force and measuring chains”.

QuantumX MX238B – Precision module with 25 ppm accuracy

HBM supported the event more than any other industry partner and also offered an exhibition stand on site where, under the guidance of experts, participants could put the performance of the corresponding precision measuring chains to the test. In addition, the highly innovative compact QuantumX MX238B precision module was presented at the event: a two-channel module with an outstanding accuracy class of 0.0025. This accuracy class corresponds to a permissible deviation of only 25 ppm (parts per million). This means that the permissible deviation of this precision amplifier may be no more than 25 per one million “parts”.

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