Renowned DAQ System MGCplus Offers New Processor with PTPv2 Synchronization and Many Other Features


MGCplus celebrates 25 years of being the number one data acquisition system having sold over 24,000 units worldwide. Strenghtening its market leader position, HBM's MGCplus now features a brand-new communication processor (CP52).

Besides the field-proven features such as fast-trigger, multi-client capability, and scalability of measurement devices, CP52 offers various other new advantages:

  • New and highly accurate PTPv2 (IEEE 1588) synchronization for joint usage of MGCplus with other HBM DAQ product lines, high-speed cameras or pressure scanners 
  • Ability to process 512 digital channels simultaneously as compared to only 256 channels previously
  • Autarkic data recording with USB mass storage devices
  • Two independent Ethernet interfaces
  • Enhanced connectivity through HBM device scan functionality and DHCP
  • Backward compatibility


Whether it is calibration, material, or fatigue testing, the MGCplus data acquisition system can be used in a broad range of applications. It is particularly suitable for tests involving high channel numbers and acquiring data regarding strain, force, displacement, torque, voltage, current, temperature, and many other parameters.

Owing to this versatility, MGCplus is the ideal choice for every test engineer. It offers proven compatibility, not only within the MGCplus family, but also along the entire measurement chain – from the sensor to the software.

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