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PACEline CSW Piezoelectric Miniature Load Washers for Measuring Shear Forces: Capacities Ranging from 1 kN to 8 kN

Piezoelectric load washers of the PACEline CSW series reliably measure shear forces in the cable direction (when mounted and adjusted). With their low height of construction, between 3 and 5 mm, CSW load washers impressively save space, having the same dimensions as type PACEline CLP load washers (for measuring normal forces).

By combining CLP load washers with different mounting directions of at least two CSW load washers, very small measurement systems can be set up to measure forces in different directions simultaneously.

Featuring permanently connected cables, load washers of the PACEline CSW series are made of rustproof materials and provide equipment protection level IP65. 

  • Capacities: 1 kN to 8 kN
  • HBM accuracy class: 1

Small and reliable

  • Height of construction: 3.5 mm (with 1kN capacity) to 5 mm (with 8 kN capacity)
  • Outside diameter: Between 16 mm and 36 mm (depending on the capacity)
  • Integrated cable for high equipment protection level IP65
  • Piezo-typical: Low sensitivity to EMC effects

Reliable force measurements, even in tight spaces and/or with unfavorable ambient conditions (EMC, moisture).

Fast and with a large measuring range

  • Piezo-typical: Large measuring range
  • Low crosstalk
  • High fundamental frequency
  • Low drift

Perform different measurement tasks with one sensor owing to the large measuring range. Multiaxial measurement systems can be constructed even with minimum space requirements (in combination with CLP).

Well engineered accessories

  • Charge amplifier proven in the industry – - also available with higher equipment protection level IP65
  • Summing boxes and amplifiers electrically isolated from the object upon which they are mounted
  • Large selection of low-noise cables and extension adapters.

Owing to the perfection of the accessories, your measurement system can be installed quickly. No additional insulating washer is required for the installation (due to electrical isolation).

Extensive assortment of accessories

  • Multiple cables
  • Summing box for connecting sensors in parallel
  • Coupling for the extension cable

PACEline Accessories 

PACEline CSW Product Literature

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Data Sheets
PACEline CSW - データシート Japanese
PACEline CSW – Caractéristiques techniques French
PACEline CSW – Data sheet English
PACEline CSW – Datenblatt German
PACEline CSW – Prospetto dati Italian
PACEline CSW – 数据表 Chinese
Mounting Instructions
PACEline CSW - Mounting Instructions English, German, French, Italian, Chinese
Declaration of Conformity
CFT/CFT+/CFW/CLP/CSW/CST/CHW - EU Declaration of Conformity Multilanguage
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