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Most-read articles

Torque Measurement in Wind Turbines
This article clearly shows how important torque measurement in wind turbines was years ago and still is today.

The sensitivity indicates the output signal in mV/V which is produced when the transducer is 100 percent loaded.

How Does a Bending Beam Load Cell Work? | Working Principle
Bending beam load cells are the most widely used types of load cells. Learn more about the working principle of bending beam load cells.

Article: Temperature Compensation of Strain Gauges
The article explains how temperature can influence strain gauge measurements and how to compensate these unwanted effects.

Most-visited product pages

Universal Torque Transducer | T40B | Digital Torque Meter
The T40B is a universal torque transducer suited for test bench applications. This digital torque meter also works well for end-of-line tests.

QuantumX MX840B/MX440B: Universal Data Acquisition Module
Our QuantumX universal amplifier modules are real all-rounders. Simply connect the sensors of your choice to each of the connections, and off you go!

Miniature Load Cell U9C: For Tensile and Compressive Force
Dynamic and immediately ready for use: U9C is HBM’s cost-effective miniature force load cell for compressive and tensile forces.

Power Analyzer and DAQ System for Testing Electrical Drives
HBM eDrive testing consists of two components – the power analyzer and DAQ system which are used to test electrical drives.

Most-read customer stories

FACC: Testing the winglets of the Airbus A350XWB with HBM S
Strain gauges from HBM helped to measure results of the static and fatigue tests on winglets of the Airbus A350 XWB.

step-1: Test and Measuring Equipment in Racing Cars
In pole position with HBM: step-1 gets open source MiKAR C301B onto the starting line.

SEAT Develops Autonomous Data Acquisition System with HBM
SEAT tests vehicles faster with HBM autonomous DAQ System

Bridge Monitoring: Long time control of bridge performance
This article presents a structural health monitoring solution on a bridge in Novi Sad, comprising 472 different sensors.

Most-viewed webinars

Tips and tricks for using strain gauges
This webinar provides you with useful tips and tricks for experimental stress analysis and the correct handling of strain gauges.

Webinar: Measurement uncertainty in force measurement
In this webinar you will learn what factors impact the measurement uncertainty of a force measurement. We will also present a simple method for assessing m

From Strain to Lifetime
This webinar takes you on a journey through all stations of a complete lifetime analysis for your components.

Mechanical aircraft testing
This 30-minute webinar explains the fundamentals on aerospace structural testing, focusing on mechanical tests.

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